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Taking Care of Aging Parents

Older CoupleOne of the growing realities of life is taking care of aging parents. As people are living longer in American society, this is changing the lives of many.

As a pastor, I have always had great admiration for people I know who are caring for their parents. Many have insured their parents’ financial welfare, others have arranged for their care in a wonderful place, and a few of them have even brought their parents to live within their home. For all of you who have done this, thank you for caring for your parents. Some of you have cared for your parents for many years until their death. May the Lord bless you for your unconditional love towards them.

Jeana’s Mom

Jeana’s Mom is eighty-nine years old. Since we moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1986 and her parents retired after pastoring churches for fifty years in 1988, we have talked to them about moving here. Jeana’s Dad became sick and disabled for years before his death; all along through these years and ever since, we have gently encouraged the move. The answer was always the same: As long as I can live on my own, I will; plus, you are a Pastor and God could call you away anytime. Then what would I do? Our attempts to answer that real question have always been in vain.

Jeana’s Mom is eighty-nine years old, still driving, and living alone in her hometown, Bridgeport, Texas. We have always admired her commitment to live on her own and do not blame her one bit.

Jeana leaves today to be with her Mom for a while. On Tuesday, her mom will have surgery. Her energy is low and after much regulation, they believe it is necessary for her to have a pacemaker. Pray for her.

Final Words

This real life problem exists in many families and will continue to grow as time progresses. Only God knows the future of Jeana’s Mom and how she will adjust in this new season. My Dad died suddenly, and we never dealt with this matter at all. Mom’s health was wonderful until she was diagnosed with leukemia. She died two years ago this coming October 12 after a 21-month battle. Thankfully, my sister lived with my Mom. She cared for my Mom in a fabulous manner, assisted by my brother and sister-in-law who lived close by in our hometown.

While these words today may not impact the lives of millions of people in America, some day it will. People will continue to age. Healthcare and its uncertainty will cause enormous questions about this entire issue. May the Lord lead millions of people who are facing these challenges daily. Remember this: Always honor your parents.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd

Prayer and Fasting in the Life of the Pastor

Prayer and fasting is one of the most neglected spiritual disciplines in the life of the Pastor. We know that prayer and fasting was not only a part of the lifestyle of many major leaders in the Scripture, but even in the life of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I want to focus on prayer and fasting in the life of the Pastor.

What is it?

Fasting is abstinence from food with a spiritual goal in mind. It is when you neglect the most natural thing your body desires, which is food, in order to pursue the God of Heaven to do something supernatural in your life. Prayer and fasting is not a hoop you jump through in order to try to catch the attention of God. It is far more significant than a self-determined tactic to get God’s attention. We cannot manipulate God.

Fasting places our focus on God alone, nothing else. Through sacrificing food, we are reminded of the need to deny ourselves continually. As our bodies are cleansed internally through fasting, our lives become more cleansed by the grace of God. Fasting points us to the holiness of God. Consequently and simultaneously, it also makes us aware of the sinfulness of ourselves.

When Should You Pray and Fast?

Pastors should fast when they are led by the Holy Spirit to do so. This fast may be for a day, a few days, a week, twenty-one days, a month, or up to forty days. Or, it could be a meal a day for one week. I don’t want to get sidetracked on all of these issues, but I want you to consider when you should pray and fast as a pastor.

When You are Desperate

I have practiced prayer and fasting ever since my days in college. I was never taught about prayer and fasting. What I learned, I learned through Scripture. I had practiced fasting for several years before 1995. I fasted for one day, three days, and even up to a week. For many years, I practiced fasting one day a week.

In 1995, everything changed for me. I developed an enormous desperation for God to do a mighty work in me, my church, and America. I believe God spoke to me early one morning when I was before Him. Under God’s specific leadership, I believe He instructed me to pray and fast forty days for spiritual revival personally, in my church, and for our nation. I was sick and tired of seeing what man could do; I wanted to see what God could do. After I processed the challenges of fasting for that length of time, I began to fast for forty days, drinking only water and 100% juice. To make a long story short, those forty days changed my life. From that experience, I wrote a book entitled, The Power of Prayer and Fasting.

When You Need Direction

It is amazing to see what God does when He aligns your spirit with the Holy Spirit of God. Nothing does this like fasting. Your mind, will, emotion, and body fight against fasting. But when God leads you to fast, your spirit comes alive. You are automatically more in tune with God and His Spirit. You begin to see what He wants you to see, feel the way He wants you to feel, and sense what He wants you to sense.

As you immerse yourself in the Word of God during a time of fasting, you become alive to His will. You begin to see and sense what God is saying to you. As God speaks to us through the Word, it is prayer and fasting that can prepare us to hear and embrace the Word of God.

When I need direction about major matters in my life, family, or church, I set aside a time for prayer and fasting. Therefore, when I pray more because I eat less or eat nothing, I am able to begin to see where God is leading me in my life and ministry.

When You Need a Miracle

Fasting helps us seek God in complete humility. Fasting helps us abide in the secret place. The more humble we are before God, the more we become convinced that God alone is the answer for everything.

Let’s face it: At times in life, family, and ministry, we find ourselves up against the wall in desperate need for a miracle. This is not a bad place because it usually forces us to know that God alone is the only answer to the need.

In 1990, my wife, Jeana, was diagnosed with cancer. After one major surgery, some supporting surgeries, radiation treatments, and six months of horrible, extreme, aggressive chemotherapy, my wife was healed from cancer. Since that year and the successive treatments, she has never had any kind of cancer at all. This is a miracle. To God alone be the glory!

In 1990, we had two little boys, a large growing church, and many demands on our lives. When she was diagnosed, I pursued the God of Heaven in desperation. During all of 1990, I fasted one day a week for my wife to be healed. God gave me a word about her healing from Isaiah 43:1-3. Weekly, I would fast and pray for my wife to be healed, stating this text again and again before the Father. Daily, I would carry an index card with Isaiah 43:1-3 written on it. When I had any fear or doubt, I would call out this scripture before God. God healed my wife.

Some may question whether God can do miracles. I do not. He can do anything, anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Through excellent medical care and treatment, and extraordinary prayer and fasting, God healed my wife. Miracle!


Therefore Pastor, I want to encourage you to take up a level of fasting in your life and ministry. For many of you, this is a new discipline. For others, it is a reminder about a neglected discipline. And for others, it is a blessing because you know the power of prayer and fasting. In my book, The Power of Prayer and Fasting, you can learn about this entire spiritual discipline in much greater detail. I hope you will pursue God with prayer and fasting.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd