Taking Care of Aging Parents

Older CoupleOne of the growing realities of life is taking care of aging parents. As people are living longer in American society, this is changing the lives of many.

As a pastor, I have always had great admiration for people I know who are caring for their parents. Many have insured their parents’ financial welfare, others have arranged for their care in a wonderful place, and a few of them have even brought their parents to live within their home. For all of you who have done this, thank you for caring for your parents. Some of you have cared for your parents for many years until their death. May the Lord bless you for your unconditional love towards them.

Jeana’s Mom

Jeana’s Mom is eighty-nine years old. Since we moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1986 and her parents retired after pastoring churches for fifty years in 1988, we have talked to them about moving here. Jeana’s Dad became sick and disabled for years before his death; all along through these years and ever since, we have gently encouraged the move. The answer was always the same: As long as I can live on my own, I will; plus, you are a Pastor and God could call you away anytime. Then what would I do? Our attempts to answer that real question have always been in vain.

Jeana’s Mom is eighty-nine years old, still driving, and living alone in her hometown, Bridgeport, Texas. We have always admired her commitment to live on her own and do not blame her one bit.

Jeana leaves today to be with her Mom for a while. On Tuesday, her mom will have surgery. Her energy is low and after much regulation, they believe it is necessary for her to have a pacemaker. Pray for her.

Final Words

This real life problem exists in many families and will continue to grow as time progresses. Only God knows the future of Jeana’s Mom and how she will adjust in this new season. My Dad died suddenly, and we never dealt with this matter at all. Mom’s health was wonderful until she was diagnosed with leukemia. She died two years ago this coming October 12 after a 21-month battle. Thankfully, my sister lived with my Mom. She cared for my Mom in a fabulous manner, assisted by my brother and sister-in-law who lived close by in our hometown.

While these words today may not impact the lives of millions of people in America, some day it will. People will continue to age. Healthcare and its uncertainty will cause enormous questions about this entire issue. May the Lord lead millions of people who are facing these challenges daily. Remember this: Always honor your parents.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd