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EP 42: Life and Leadership Today with Guest, Dave Butts

Dave Butts-podcastThere is one thing every organization struggles with again and again… communication. Today we talk about what real communication is all about with our guest, Dave Butts. Dave is a father, grandfather, cancer survivor, author, and President of Harvest Prayer Ministries. Dave talks with us about our most important form of communication today. We discuss:

  • Understanding the delight and privilege of prayer
  • Why prayer is the most powerful form of communication we have
  • Why prayer is more than just “getting things from God”
  • Our idea of weakness is not the same as God’s
  • The current prayer movement in America
  • Why the National Day of Prayer is important to our nation

… and more. Don’t miss this important conversation on communication.

EP 41: Life and Leadership Today with Ronnie Floyd, My Greatest Leadership Challenge

Ronnie Floyd NEW-podcastToday, we discuss what could be the greatest leadership challenge of our lives. At least, it has been the greatest challenge for me. This is the challenge of parenting. We have all been children, we all have parents, and many of us are parents now. Parenting is one of the greatest privileges that comes with the greatest rewards. It also entails great risk that can lead to heartbreak. We also discuss…

  • Why parenting is one of the greatest things you can do
  • Where your parenting authority should come from
  • What God wants us to teach our children
  • When your children don’t follow God
  • Three things every parent must be to their children

… and more. Don’t miss it.