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Today Is A Difficult Day

I would have never imagined many years ago, that I would be facing what I am facing today. At 2 p.m. today, I will conduct and bring the message at the Memorial Service for Dr. Keith Thomas. Please pray for me. Keith and I have been dear friends since college.

KeithThomasPraying On A Fairway

I am not much of a golfer at all. Yet, at a pastors’ retreat in Florida, over six years ago, I received a call from Keith telling me he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We were driving the cart down the fairway — I stopped absolutely stunned at those words. Immediately, I shared the news with the three pastors I was with. All of us knew what this meant. We stopped right there on the fairway, got on our knees, and begged God to heal and sustain Keith.

We Can Learn From One Another

Yesterday, I challenged pastors to learn from other pastors. If you did not see my blog from yesterday, please read it. All followers of Jesus Christ can learn from other followers of Christ. I continue to be amazed at how much I do not know and how much I learn from other believers.

You may be having a difficult day or facing one in the near future. Learn from others who have walked before you. Do not live life on your own island, isolating yourself from others. We need each other.

We Need Prayer Support

Today, I need you to pray for Karen Thomas and her family as they go through this difficult day as we memorialize the death and celebrate the life of her husband and the children’s father. Additionally, pray for Pastor Rick and Kay Warren in the grief they feel in the loss of their 27-year-old son Matthew. As their hearts walk in deep grief and loss, both families grieve with hope.

As well, pray for me. I am carrying a lot on my back today and in fact, I need to read my own blog I wrote on Monday. Perhaps it will encourage you also. I am but a man and a very weak man today. I need the prayer support of the people of God. I want to honor Jesus today and my dear friend, Keith Thomas.

A Special Moment In 1997

In 1997, I served as the President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors’ Conference. Never would I have thought while listening to my friend preach, whom I had personally asked to preach at that event, that almost 16 years later, I would be conducting his Memorial Service.

Take The Time To Watch This

When Keith preached that afternoon at that pastors’ conference, this was his message. Please take the time to watch it. Perhaps it will encourage you.

Yours For The Great Commission,

Ronnie Floyd


This Week at Cross Church: To God Be The Glory!

wi6a4337Easter week, what we called Passion Week, proved to be a record-breaking week for the ministry of Cross Church. What God did through this ministry is absolutely amazing. To God be the Glory!

What God Did Through Cross Church

What I am about to tell you is amazing and only could happen with God. Nothing is impossible with God — to God be the Glory! The Cross Church campuses reached 16,750 people on Easter weekend! Our team has worked hard to insure we are being more than conservative on this number. Praise God for how people responded to the Word of God and worshipped our Risen Lord!

The Reach Cross Church had During Passion Week

Our team felt it would be important for you to know the reach Cross Church had from Monday of Passion Week through our final service on Easter Sunday. This is another powerful testimony of God’s mighty power! From Monday of Passion Week through Easter Sunday, Cross Church reached 21,456 people in our community across all of our campuses. Can you imagine this? God used the Passion Week events to reach thousands not only on Sunday morning, but throughout the week as well! To God be the Glory!

Passion Week Daily Luncheons

The response to the Passion Week Bible study luncheons was amazing. Yes, we will have the Passion Week luncheons next year and we expect them to gain an even greater response! Friend, plan to be a part of these next year. You will NOT be sorry. If you missed any of the luncheons, or want to review the lessons, click here. Also, DVDs of the luncheons will be available for purchase at the Cross Church bookstores starting Sunday, April 7.

Friday Night’s “Reflections on the Death and Burial of Jesus Christ” was Incredible!

This was one of the most incredible evenings of worship we have ever had at Cross Church, interweaving the teaching of God’s Word on the sobering reality of Jesus’ death and burial. With honor, solemnity, and dignity, we walked through this evening with a powerful presence of God upon the people. Yes, we will do all we can to have this type of worship gathering in 2014.

Thank you to our Staff Team and Volunteers

Thank you to our entire staff team and every volunteer who helped in any way during this powerful Passion Week. Your time and prayer investments resulted in reaching no less than 21,456 people in our region. This was one great investment of your life! Thank you for doing it! To God be the Glory!

Let Every Voice Join in Chorus . . . to God be the Glory!

Ronnie Floyd