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Everything Builds Towards Sunday

SundayCalendarIn a multi-site church like ours, ministries are plentiful and opportunities abound. However, let me remind all of us today: Everything Builds Towards Sunday! 

We Cannot Be Distracted

If we are not extremely intentional, we can become so busy doing many good things such as acts of compassion, or Bible Studies, or mentoring a younger person in the faith, that we become distracted from focusing on Sunday. Please remember: Everything Builds Towards Sunday! 

We Cannot Become Cause-Driven

One of the uniquenesses of today’s church versus in the past is that people are cause-driven. People hear about a cause or become involved in a cause. Again, this is a good thing, but we cannot be driven by our causes. We can only be driven by Jesus’ commission, His Great Commission: Going, Winning, Baptizing, and Discipling. Whatever we are involved in during the week relating to any good cause we must remember: Everything Builds Towards Sunday!

Why Do We Do What We Do? Everything Builds Towards Sunday!

Scripture says Sunday is The Lord’s Day: Each Sunday is Resurrection Sunday! 

The church gathering in obedience to God’s Word to celebrate weekly the death, burial, and the victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ over death is why we worship on Sunday! Sundays are not for the things of this world that distract us from it: leisure, recreation, and yes, even family time. Sundays are for Worship!

Sunday is about Life-Change!

Every act of compassion we are involved in during the week, or Bible Study we teach or attend, or mentoring session we conduct or participate in, or cause related matter we think is important must all conclude with an ask and an arrow!

The ask: Will you join me this Sunday in worship? 

The arrow: Listen, we are doing what we are doing because we believe in Jesus’ church that gathers for worship on Sundays and we want you to join our spiritual family this Sunday! 

Listen friends, there is nothing like Sunday! As the church gathers to worship Jesus Christ, lives are changed!

Sunday is the day to be with your spiritual family, Jesus’ Church!

People say at times, “Sunday is a family day for us!” Folks, your priority should be spending Sunday with your Spiritual Family, Jesus’ Church! His family first, then your family. Here is a Fact: There is nothing any greater you can do for your family, on Sunday, than to spend it together with Jesus’ family! We need to be careful and not turn our families into idols. Sundays are for worshipping Jesus, not ourselves or our families!  

Sunday is the day we are fed by the Word of God!

We need to be under the teaching and preaching of the Word of God weekly, under the leadership of the Pastor and Pastors who have the role of ministering the Word of God in our lives. Attending online is good when you are sick or absolutely have to be away, but personally, your family needs to be together with your local spiritual family…His Church… worshipping Jesus Christ, and being fed by the Word of God. There is NO replacement for it! There is nothing like being with your spiritual family, worshipping Jesus Christ, and being ministered to from the Word of God.

Everything Builds Towards Sunday!

Therefore, I will see You THIS Sunday…with your family in one hand, your Bible In the other hand, and a friend by your side: eager to grow, expecting God to work, and exalting Jesus together . . . There is NOTHING like it!

Ronnie Floyd

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