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A Divided America: 3 Responses for Christians

Government cannot fix us. Politics will never heal us.

Those who follow Jesus Christ and identify themselves as Christians need to understand and believe the first two sentences of this article or you will live a highly disappointed life.

Disunity is triumphant in our nation today. Some pride themselves over creating it while others grieve when our nation experiences it.

Division does not honor Jesus Christ. Jesus is always right. In Luke 11:17, Jesus said, “Knowing their thoughts, He told them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction, and a house divided against itself falls.”

America does not get an exception to this basic principle. Neither does a family, church, business, or even a long-term friendship.

Therefore, how should we respond as Christians when America is divided like it is today?

Response #1: Christians Need to Pray for America

Many Christians are so disappointed and fed up with matters about America, they struggle even to pray for our nation. Is this right? Is this justified?

Absolutely not!

Because where America is today IS the reason we DO need to pray. If all was perfect and unity abounded across our nation, we may enjoy praying for America more regularly, but whether we enjoy it or not, it is needed.

Praying for America should be our first choice, not our last choice!

God is our hope; our last, great, and only hope. Therefore, we need to pray like we believe this with all we are.

The alarm clock is going off in our nation and this is not the time to push the snooze button. America needs to experience the next great move of God.

That is why we pray. That is why we will prioritize praying for America on our upcoming National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2. Will you join us?

Prayer precedes every great movement of God biblically and historically. Therefore, we need to pray and ask God for a mighty, great spiritual awakening across America. That is why the National Day of Prayer is a nationwide movement of prayer for America.

Response #2: Christians Need to Love One Another

Christians need to follow Jesus’ teaching of loving one another. John 13:34, “Love one another, just as I have loved you.” This what we are calling our nation to do on Thursday, May 2.

We need a Love One Another movement that begins in the church of Jesus Christ. Christians should never take pride in being filled with skepticism or criticism of other people. We should love all people just like Jesus did and does: willfully, sacrificially, and unconditionally.

Love One Another needs to become a movement that also infiltrates every part of American life when the church is experiencing this movement within their own fellowship.

Followers of Christ need each other more than ever before. While certain secondary doctrinal differences will exist, we need to unite around the beliefs that:

  • The Bible is God’s infallible Word; it is Truth without any mixture of error.
  • Jesus is the Son of God and the hope of the world; therefore, salvation is faith alone in Christ alone.
  • We must focus our lives, churches, and futures on taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in America and across the world.

We need to stop fighting over secondary issues and rise up together to become the spiritual light in this darkening America and World. The church needs to model loving one another or we forfeit our right to speak into the future of our nation. It is time to come together in unity.

Response #3: Prepare for the Future

What will the Church become in the future of America? Will we lose our freedom or have it affirmed?

We need to prepare for the future realistically, but also with great hope. Regardless of the present cultural tide that is rising in direct opposition to the ways of God, we are a gospel people committed to Christ alone.

Our future is not in the hands of the United States government; our future is in the hands of our Sovereign God. Yes, our times are in His hands!

We need to prepare future generations spiritually and vocationally for what God wants them to be and how He wants them to live for Him.

That is why I believe our greatest hope lies only in Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and the advancement of this Good News message reaching every corner of America and across this world.

While we call out to God for His Church to be revived by the Spirit and begin to love one another, resulting in coming together in unity, we need to simultaneously pray extraordinarily for the next Great Spiritual Awakening in America. I believe this is our greatest hope in America.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd

Prayer Priorities for America, April 2019: Pray for the 7 Centers of Influence in America

MAY 2, 2019

“Love one another, just as I have loved you.”
John 13:34


  • Federal: executive, legislative, judicial
  • State: executive, legislative, judicial
  • Local: executive, legislative, judicial, police, fire, first responders

Pray for these leaders and civil servants to Love One Another by valuing one another, respecting one another, and working together for the greater good of our nation.


  • Courageous and wise leaders
  • God’s protection
  • Continual dependence on God

Pray for all military leaders and personnel to Love One Another because love is a powerful force when unity is critical to victory.


  • Communicators of truth
  • Sharing inspirational stories
  • Respecting others

Pray for all persons who are working in media and arts to Love One Another by respecting all persons and sharing inspirational stories that illustrate the power of love.


  • Leaders of honesty and integrity
  • Creators of economic blessing
  • Helpers and givers to local community

Pray for business leaders to comprehend their great opportunity to create powerful, effective, and productive teams and businesses that win when they Love One Another.


  • Highly values truth
  • Expects excellence
  • Prepares students to win

Pray for administrators, teachers, and faculty teams who will Love One Another so they can create a culture of love and respect for every student. Pray for students to rise up together, loving one another and making a difference in the future of America.


  • Biblically-based, Christ-centered
  • Holy Spirit-empowered
  • Great Commission-driven

Pray for pastors and churches to model and exemplify Jesus’ words, Love One Another, to a world that needs the love of Christ desperately. Raise up a Love One Another movement across America.


  • Follow the Bible
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Love One Another

Pray for families to live Jesus’ teaching, Love One Another, to create families that follow the Bible and practice love and forgiveness.



1. Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, the staff team that serves our task force, as well as the thousands of volunteers across the nation as they are strategizing, mobilizing, and finalizing plans for the thousands upon thousands of prayer observances that will occur on the National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 2, 2019. Pray as well for the National Observance in National Statuary Hall, United States Capitol Building, Washington, DC, 7:30-9:30 p.m. ET, which can be viewed on DayStar Television, God TV, Brio TV, Facebook Live, streamed live on and heard on national radio programs.

2. God to meet the financial needs of our National Day of Prayer Task Force office that sets the vision and fulfills the responsibilities to see the 2019 National Day of Prayer be all God wants it to be. If you want to contribute to this real need, please mail your gift to P. O. Box 64225, Colorado Springs, CO 80962 or you can give online at