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3 Prayer Priorities for America, March 2019

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The Four-Hour Rescue Operation of a Newborn Should Remind Us Life is Precious

Two rescue workers are kneeling inside a freshly-dug hole several feet deep into the ground.

Their shirts are soaked in sweat under the blazing sun. They are searching for something in the drainage pipe beneath them, which they had to break open with a chisel and hammer. All around them, you can hear a gaggle of excited voices, shouting orders here and there: stand clear!rope out! … are you ready?

And then you hear it: barely perceptible at first but the sound is unmistakable — a baby’s cries emerge out of the depths of the ground. Seconds later, one of the rescue workers draws out of the drainage a newborn baby girl and places her gently on a white blanket, as the crowd erupts in cheers.

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