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This Week at Cross Church | People Change the World

2017-2018 Ministry Budget is Adopted

This past Sunday, Cross Church adopted our 2017-2018 Ministry Budget of $20 million. On Sunday, October 1, the beginning of our new fiscal year, we call out to each member of our church to continue in our historic commitment on the first day of our new budget year:

  • Honor the Lord by giving the first tenth of your weekly income to the Lord through his local church.
  • Join Jeana and me, as we have for many years, in increasing your giving through our Ministry Budget on this day.

Jeana and I stand amazed at the way God has increased our giving percentage over the years. As we look back, we see how He has increased our faith and we are thankful for His powerful provision in our lives. Join us.

People Change the World

Dreaming The Future-twacc

This Sunday, the message will be on our third Core Value: People Change the World!  Yes, God uses people and He wants to use you. Sunday will build your faith. Invite others. Bring others. Make sure you are present. God will use you to change your world.

If you missed this past Sunday, we talked about how People Need Each Other. If you missed it, take a few moments to watch it before Sunday.

Disaster Relief Efforts Continue in Texas and Florida

Disaster Relief-twacc1

If you would like to assist financially or physically go to work in disaster relief, opportunities await you. You can find out more about going to assist or find out how to give to the continued efforts here.

2018 Holy Land Trip July 5-14… Sign Up Now

Israel 2018-twacc

Our upcoming 2018 Holy Land Trip is July 5-14. You can learn more about it, and sign up here. Why should you go? Each of us invest in things continually. A trip to the Holy Land is an investment in your spiritual life. I have never met one person who has regretted going to the Holy Land. In fact, it is usually a life-changer. You will never read the Bible or hear it the same again. You will never listen to the news the same, especially about matters in the Middle East. We are getting much response, and we want you to go with us. Sign up today right here.

Take Time to Read

Unified Prayer-blog

This past Monday, I released an article entitled, Unified Prevailing Prayer for the Next Great Move of God in America. Please share it with others. I truly believe this is the greatest need in our nation. Join me in unified prevailing prayer.

See you Sunday, Cross Church

Ronnie W. Floyd

4 Reasons I Believe in Pastors

Pastor-blogI believe in pastors of local churches. I’d like to share four reasons why I believe in pastors.

1. Pastors are called of God.

Pastors of local churches are not any more perfect than anyone else. Yet, they are called of God to lead the church, equip the people to do ministry, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Pastors are accountable.

Pastors have enormous accountability. Pastors are often accused of limited accountability, but pastors are accountable in the highest way. Pastors are accountable to God and they are also accountable to the local church they serve. Regardless of the size of community or the city they serve, pastors are even accountable to the public.

3. Pastors are difference-makers.

As the pastor goes, so goes the local church. Pastors have a unique opportunity to set the thermostat of the entire church. When a pastor leads effectively, he can be a true difference-maker. God can use pastors to be an impact player that can positively shift the entire direction of the church.

4. Pastors are overcomers.

Pastors face the attacks of Satan continually. Additionally, pastors encounter the attacks of some of their own church members. Sadly, pastors face attacks from other pastors. Yet, if pastors are going to do anything with their lives and through their ministries, they have to be overcomers. Most pastors I know are overcomers.

If you are a pastor, walk humbly before God. We are all just one step away from disaster. Therefore, as you walk humbly before God, walk in His power and seek the prayers of God’s people.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd