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Connecting the unconnected

Best-Calendar-Apps-for-iPhoneThe battle for community within the family of faith is a reality. We are pulled in so many different directions people use calendar apps to keep up with when Johnny has to be at football, Suzy has to be at cheerleading, Dominique has to be at gymnastics, and the dog has to be at the vet’s office.

In single parent homes the strain is compounded with one person working and trying to coordinate extracurricular activities, ensure homework is completed, dinner gets served, clothes washed, and work done. Even when there are two parents it seems there is hardly enough time for everything, so carving out time to connect with those in the faith family can be a real challenge.

There is no Greater Time to get Connected

As a Pastor, I have never sensed a greater time for our people to become connected to a local church and in a group. Living disconnected, frazzled lives is leading to disastrous lifestyle choices, separated families, and little faith that leads to a carnal way of living. People need to be under the teaching of God’s Word through worship services and a weekly group, just as God has instructed. We need to always observe the “First Day” of the week like God desires it to be, rather than lower its value as being done by many today.

One of the goals of Bible Studies for Life is to connect people to the family of faith. This strategy combats the isolation or detachment created by the busyness of our lives. Biblical application is essential for those who are overwhelmed by decisions, distractions, and disruptions. Getting into the Word consistently teaches us how the truths contained in it make our lives different.

Connect and Influence

In addition to our need to connect those inside the family of faith to a group for Bible study, we need to connect with those who are outside the family of faith. This means influencing our unbelieving co-workers, classmates, neighbors, and family members.

Many people who are not believers do recognize that they have spiritual needs. They know they have needs but they do not necessarily know what to do about them. They are in darkness needing light.

What does Bible Studies for Life offer?

A Resource for Connecting and Learning

Compelling studies that meet people where they are. We all have experienced a boring Bible lesson. Imagine how difficult it is for someone new to get connected to a group and feel like the discussion is relevant to his or her life. Bible Studies for Life is designed to draw people into discussion, challenge thinking with biblical truth, and provide practical help.

The scriptural basis for these connections is the Lord’s encounter with the woman at the well in John’s Gospel. Jesus knew this woman needed to be connected to His Father, so He started a conversation to make the connection. Bible Studies for Life is designed to help you get conversations started.

As we redesigned Bible Studies for Life, we became convinced that at least twice a year, we needed to do the kind of lessons that provided Christians a ramp to engage their unchurched and lost friends into relevant, practical lessons from the Bible. I really believe the Bible Studies for Life curriculum series will provide you opportunities to reach people that are not being reached for Christ. Be a part of this growing movement beginning this fall. You will be glad you did.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie Floyd, General Editor
Bible Studies for Life Curriculum Series

God Will See You Through

IMG_4959Do you remember these words?

God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

Do you believe that?

Through life and many years of ministry, I have seen God make a way when there seems to be no way. God will see you through!

God will see you through the victories

The victories of life are special and great. Any victory we experience in life, God gives to us. Whether those victories are in your career, business, family, sport, or your Christian walk, God is the one who gives us each and every victory. There is nothing sweeter than experiencing victories in life.

God will see you through the losses

The losses we experience in life can be devastating. I have seen families lose millions of dollars. They experienced devastation. I have seen teams lose championship opportunities. They experienced devastation. I have seen people not get promotions in business. They experienced devastation. I have seen couples bury their children. They experienced devastation.

Yet, through it all, God has seen them through these losses. I too have lost some people and some things in my life. I have lost both of my parents. I was devastated. I have lost the praise of men and the desire for places of influence and office. I was devastated. I have lost members of my church to other churches or to a negative agenda. I was devastated.

Yet, through it all, God has seen me through these losses. He does make a way when there seems to be no way.

God will see you through the change

The changes of life are never easy. Change is an ever-growing part of life. They are inescapable. Changes occur through the aging process. Changes occur in your family. Changes occur through your career. Changes occur continually. The only constant thing in life is change. Count on this: God will see you through all the changes of life.

God will see you through the future

Whatever your future may hold, God will see you through. No, we do not know the future, but we do know who holds the future.

Today, if your future is uncertain due to an illness, a disease, a move to a new city, a change in job or career, or your financial posture, please know this: God will see you through the future!

Death awaits all of us. Unless the Lord comes, even death is inescapable. In many ways, every challenge of life prepares us for the final challenge of death.

As the modern worship song, 10,000 Reasons, says:

And on that day when my strength is failing

The end draws near and my time has come

Soon my soul will sing your praise un-ending

10,000 years and there forever more


Bless the lord oh my soul

Oh my soul

Worship his holy name

Sing like never before

Oh my soul

I worship His holy name

Yes, never forget it friends: God will see you through the future.

Please know through all of this day, this week, this month, this year, and beyond: God will see you through!

Yours For The Great Commission,

Ronnie Floyd