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What Is The Vision For Your Life?

Ready to startMany years ago I articulated a vision statement for my life. I operated from that statement for several decades. It was passionate. It was clear. It was personal. In fact, it was mostly about focusing my gifts to the cause of winning the world to Christ. Vision was big. Heart was pure. Goal was not realistic.

Just over five years ago, I noticed that something was beginning to happen within me. In fact, and in reality, it probably began a decade ago. I began to realize that regardless of how hard I worked and how great my vision may be, only through God would the world be impacted for His Son Jesus Christ. Additionally, I began to realize that if this is were to ever be accomplished, it would take more than the ministry of one man to see it done.

Just Over Five Years Ago

Just over five years ago, God began to move me into a distinct clear direction; the ultimate goal was the same, but my role changed. During a season of fasting and prayer the Lord gave me a statement. I call it the missional vision for my life. My missional vision is:

         To influence and invest in others to win the world to Christ.

Once I changed my vision, God began to confirm it immediately. He has confirmed it both privately and publicly. Opportunities have opened up for me to operate by this missional vision that have shocked me. God is faithful!

Break It Down

Let’s take a moment to breakdown my personal missional statement. Notice:

*Vision: To win the world to Christ.

*Process: Influencing and investing in others.

*People: Involves my role of influencing and investing in other people who will be involved in this worthy vision, this, I believe, is the heart of God.

Therefore, my heart has always been to do what I could to win the world to Jesus Christ. My role is now is influencing and investing in others to see this vision is accomplished.

What I Have Seen

I have seen doors open to see this vision move toward fulfillment. God still uses me to make a difference personally, but He also uses me to influence others and invest in others to win the world to Christ. I have seen this begin to shape me:

*Personally: My greatest fulfillment comes from influencing others, organizations, ministries, churches, and denominations in this worthy endeavor.

*Generationally: Within our church, I have seen every generation affected by this shift in my missional vision. A cross-generational church is a great way to see vision fulfilled through our ministries.

*Denominationally: God has opened all kinds of doors, like preaching in all kinds of venues, and leading all kinds of efforts towards seeing this vision fulfilled. The joy of leading the Great Commission Resurgence for the Southern Baptist Convention was seeing God use influence and investment in others to impact the future of a denomination through the Great Commission.

What Is the Missional Vision For Your Life?

Begin to pray and ask God to show you what the missional vision needs to be for your life. Whether you are a Christian leader, a Pastor, a missionary, a business-person, or retired, God has a future for you. Therefore,

*Pray: Ask God to begin to show you what His vision is for your life.

*Formulate: Begin to attempt to formulate this vision that God puts in your heart.

*Insure: Try your best to insure your missional vision is . . .

*Concise: having few words, all in one sentence.

         *Clear: easy for you to see and others to see it also.

         *Concrete: you must be able to evaluate its effectiveness.

         *Compelling: it must light your jets! It must fire you up!

I will pray God gives you His will and absolute clarity of this for your life. Whatever it is and however it is fulfilled, let’s both insure, it is for ultimate eternal impact.

Yours For The Great Commission,

Ronnie Floyd

What the Decline in Check Writing Will Mean for Your Church

The article below, published by Mark Brooks, Founding Partner and President of The Charis Group, is relevant to churches – large and small – all across the country. Pastors and church leaders, please take the time to read and consider this valuable article. 


What the Decline in Check Writing will Mean for Your Church

Americans have changed the way they do commerce. Sit at your local Starbucks or McDonalds and you can see it. When was the last time you saw somebody writing a check? For that matter how often do you see anyone paying with cash? More and more Americans are turning away from the traditional means of payment towards plastic and digital commerce.

The Decline of Paper Checks

How many paper checks a month do you write in your family?  You probably write few of any. The younger you are the fewer you write. In the last decade check writing has declined significantly. Consider the following facts from the Federal Reserve…

  • Paper check usage declined from 61% of all payments in 2000 to just 26% by 2010.
  • In 2011, the number of checks processed by the Federal Reserve fell at its steepest rate yet, down 17, a third of the volume processed 20 years ago.
  • The average check size has approximately doubled, rising from an average of $879 in 2001 to $1,460 in 2011, as many smaller-value payments are transacted with debit cards or have been automated.
  • Reserve Banks estimate that check volumes will have declined another 14 percent in 2012, to about 5.5 billion items.

The Federal Reserve summary of why check writing is in decline stated, “One key reason for the decline in check writing is the public’s rapid adoption of new and convenient payments service technologies. Today’s payment technologies allow households and businesses to pay by cash, checks, automated payments through automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments networks, debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards.”

Commerce today is more digital than ever before and this trend is only going to continue.

How The Church Has Responded to This Change

For the most part the church has NOT responded. In a 2011 study done by Lifeway Research only 14% of those churches surveyed offered online giving. For the past few months I have been conducting a survey of churches and their online giving activity. You can take that survey by going here. While the results of our survey shows a higher percentage of online usage by churches, 58% of respondents say they offer online giving, none the less it reveals some startling facts.

  • 42% of churches that do offer online giving take in less than 10% of their incomes through online gifts. Even churches providing this tool have a ways to go towards effective use.
  • We don’t feel our people will use it. That was the number one response of churches that did not provide online giving.
  • The cost is too much, was the second reason for not offering online giving followed close behind by, We don’t understand how it works.

Clearly the Church has a long ways to go to catch up with the rest of how society is doing commerce! Many that have online giving are not using the tool effectively. Those that feel their members will not use it should ask how many have automatic bill payments set up. As for costing too much, would WalMart or McDonalds offer plastic options if in the long run it did not pay for itself? Transaction rates are fractional and providing ease of use will increase giving which will more than pay for any costs. As for not understanding how this technology works did that stop you from buying a computer? It is the 21st century after all.

When we do not offer online giving then we are forcing those who attend our churches to adapt to our 20th century means of collecting money. Fewer of your attendees come to church with their checkbooks and they have little cash on their person. Could this be one reason why giving to the church continues to decline?

What the Decline in Check Writing Will Mean for Your Church

This technological and cultural shift if not meet will have drastic implications for The Church including Your church. As your congregation gets younger by attrition you will see check writing become more infrequently used. If we do not change our process for collecting the offering we will see our offerings decline! The reason is simple. The harder we make it for people to give the less likely they will give. If our only means of collection remains the traditional offering plate, people will put in the few dollars they have on their person. The percentage of what you collect will decline if it has not already.

The Bible teaches us that we must give it does not say how. The offering plate came into wide acceptance in the U.S. only in the late 1800′s to early 1900′s. It is not the 11th commandment that gifts be put in a basket or plate. The offering plate is a tool. It will remain for some time an effective tool for collecting gifts. However if it is your only tool and the demise of paper checks continues then you are in trouble.

Smart churches provide multiple ways for people to give thus increasing their ability to receive funds. Since check writing is in decline isn’t it time you offered online giving?

Photo Mark Brooks

Founding Partner and President
The Charis Group and Charis Giving Solutions