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EP 35: Life and Leadership Today with Guest, Jeff Struecker

Jeff Struecker-podcastOur guest today was an elite Army soldier who was part of a two-man team to win the David L. Grange Best Ranger Competition, was involved in the mission featured in the movie Black Hawk Down, and many other missions throughout his military career as part of the 75th Ranger Regiment. The last 10 years of his Army service, Jeff Struecker served as Chaplain. Jeff also holds a PhD in philosophy, and he and his wife of over 20 years have five children and one grandchild. Jeff currently serves as Lead Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia. Listen today as we discuss:

  • What led to his decision to enlist in the Army
  • How Christians can be military warriors
  • Leadership lessons learned from time in the Army
  • The soul of a warrior
  • Jeff’s personal experience with Black Hawk Down
  • The challenges facing men and women in today’s military
  • Things to think about if you or your child are considering military service
  • His perspective on National Anthem protests
  • His greatest challenges… they’re probably not what you think

… and more. Don’t miss hearing from this military hero and man of God.

Volunteers are the All-Stars with the National Day of Prayer

NDP State Coordinators-10.30-1The volunteers are the all-stars in the National Day of Prayer. This national organization and ministry is dependent on thousands of volunteers across America. These volunteers are the load-bearing beams in the entire National Day of Prayer ministry.

On Thursday, November 2, volunteer leaders with the National Day of Prayer from across the country will converge upon Colorado Springs, Colorado. No less than two hundred leaders will come to be equipped and be inspired so they can better mobilize unified public prayer for America.

Join Us Live on Thursday Night

On Thursday evening, I will be speaking to our volunteers, ministry leaders, and the National Day of Prayer board and staff team. We would love for you to join us as we live stream beginning at 7:05 p.m. MDT/8:05 p.m. CDT, and end around 8:35 p.m. MDT/9:35 p.m. CDT.  You can find the live stream on the National Day of Prayer website or on the Facebook page.

We are doing this so many people who are unable to be with us in Colorado can hear what God is doing through this ministry, as well as what we believe He will be doing in the future.

We Will Also be Revealing Our 2018 Theme for the National Day of Prayer on May 3, 2018

Another reason you may want to tune in with us on Thursday night is to watch as we reveal our theme for the 2018 National Day of Prayer. We are convinced this is where God wants us to go and it will be so appropriate for this time in America. Please tell your friends, and I hope many of you will join us.

Eight National Leaders and Fifty State Leaders Mobilize Prayer for America

The graphic at the top of this article illustrates our eight national areas and the leaders over these areas. Pray for them. The leaders for each state are listed as well. These people mobilize thousands of people in all kinds of situations to host thousands of observances on the National Day of Prayer. Pray for these state leaders.

We are now in search of leaders for the states of California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Missouri. These states need gifted leaders who love America and want to help us mobilize people to pray throughout their state on November 3, 2018. Please pray for this need as our staff searches to fill these needs.

Interested in Volunteering? 

If you are interested in volunteering for an observance in your town or city, please contact Lisa Crump at or Mick Crump at Lisa and Mick are the key staff leaders who lead and work with our volunteers across America. Pray for Lisa and Mick.

Thank God for Our Volunteers!

If you have ever helped with an observance in your community for the National Day of Prayer, thank you. We need your help again. Gather some friends and together, please help us mobilize unified public prayer for America, not just on May 3, 2018, but every day until then.

Now is the Time to Lead and to Pray,

Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church
President, National Day of Prayer


Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the Senior Pastor of Cross Church, President of the National Day of Prayer, founder of the Cross Church School of Ministry, and host of the Ronnie Floyd on Life and Leadership Today podcast.

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