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Eye-blogAt least 100,000 small groups are studying AWAKE. Right now at least 1 million people are going on this spiritual journey toward a renewed spiritual life and praying for a mighty move of God in their churches and in our nation. Be encouraged and join us on this journey.

Every pastor and staff member is always looking for a study that will help their church come alive and experience a renewed life. I believe we have the very thing.

What Every Christian and Every Church Needs

Every Christian and every church needs to draw aside periodically in a special time of study and reflection spiritually. I am convinced that this study, AWAKE: THE CALL TO A RENEWED LIFE, will help you do just this. For six weeks, Christ-followers will be called to return to God, their first love, prayer, God’s Word, unity with other Christians, and the task of fulfilling the Great Commission personally and as a church. This is a call to experience revival and awakening personally and in our churches.

This six-week study is for men, women, and students. Thousands of churches are experiencing it right now, however, the study can occur any time during your church year. Please consider taking your people through this study

What These Six Weeks Will Look Like

Don’t sleep through your spiritual life. Wake up! Nothing refreshes like a good’s night’s sleep. And who doesn’t enjoy the occasional afternoon nap? But when we are spiritually asleep, it is dangerous. It’s time to wake up! It’s time for our churches to wake up!

Since our greatest need is to experience spiritual renewal from God, this study will help anyone do just that. This is what they will experience each session:

Session 1: Return to God
Session 2: Return to Your First Love
Session 3: Return to Prayer
Session 4: Return to God’s Word
Session 5: Return to Unity
Session 6: Return to the Task

Encourage your staff team and leadership to go through this study.

Pastor, You Can Teach This Study From the Pulpit as Your People Experience it in Small Groups

When people have turned back to God throughout history, He has done extraordinary things and sparked great movements. Wouldn’t you like to see God do so again? Join me on the journey of asking God to bring about the next great movement of renewal and turning the nations back to Him.

As a pastor, you could teach these topics as your people walk through this journey personally. It could be life-changing for many and influence churches dramatically.

For more information or to learn how to secure this study, please go here.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd

Guest Post | The Cross Church School of Ministry Enters Year Three by Jeff Crawford

CCSM-blogJeffC-blogToday, welcomes guest writer, Dr. Jeff Crawford. Dr. Crawford is the President of Cross Church School of Ministry and a Teaching Pastor at Cross Church.

It is my privilege to lead one of the most cutting edge ministry training programs in the country. The Cross Church School of Ministry is a unique, one-year ministry residency where next generation leaders come to Cross Church from literally around the globe. Based on their calling, we customize a ministry track experience built around solid mentorship.

In just a few weeks we will graduate our second cohort. As I reflect back on these last two years, I am amazed at the blessing and favor God has granted us. We’ve traveled the world on mission to places like Haiti, Venezuela, and Tanzania. We’ve traveled North America, learning from and helping church planters in Seattle, Columbus, Ohio, St. Louis, New York City, and Portland, Maine. Both years we have taken our School of Ministry cohort to the Southern Baptist Convention, exposing them to the best of who we are denominationally and the inner workings of how we get things done for the Kingdom. Nearly everyone who has come to us has engaged one of our numerous academic partnerships to earn degree credit toward a bachelor or masters degree.

Jeff-CCSM-blogAs the Cross Church School of Ministry is maturing, we are entering a new phase of sending. One of the major benefits we offer is having Cross Church in your corner for the duration of your ministry career. Once the one-year ministry residency is complete, our “students” move on, many of them to significant ministry positions literally around the country.

We are currently just weeks away from beginning our third year. God has once again brought to us a high caliber group of leaders. But I can’t help but wonder if God has more people for us, even at this late date. Pastor, is there a young man or woman in your church, called to the ministry, but needs to be trained? Send them to the Cross Church School of Ministry. We will pour into them everything we know about mission and ministry, the best of Cross Church – then we will send them back to you.

Maybe you are reading this and wondering if the Cross Church School of Ministry is for you. Let me encourage you to go to our website today: This website is packed full of videos, testimonies, and all the information you need to discern if the Cross Church School of Ministry is for you.

Let me close by asking this important question: In a world where 50% of men and women called to ministry quit on their calling within 5 years of taking their first church, don’t you think we can do better? Don’t you believe we are called to do better?

This is why the Cross Church School of Ministry exists. Not because God deserves better, but because He deserves our best.

Dr. Jeff Crawford

President, Cross Church School of Ministry
Teaching Pastor, Cross Church