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NDoP LogoThis coming Thursday, May 1, is the National Day of Prayer in America. Please engage in your city, supporting it with earnest prayer, trusting God for the future of our nation.

Join me from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (CST) on a national radio broadcast

Just this weekend, I was asked to be part of a major national radio broadcast on the National Day of Prayer. It will be two hours in length on May 1, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. (CST).

Last year, over 500 radio stations joined this broadcast from Chicago, telling the story of what God is doing across America relating to spiritual revival and awakening. I will participate, be interviewed, and share with those listening across the nation and beyond about what God is doing in our nation.

You can also stream the broadcast entitled “Telling the Story of Awakening” live on or listen on a local radio station in your market. It will be hosted by Moody Radio, but joined by hundreds of stations. Last year, an estimated 1 million people participated in these testimonies, meditations, prayer moments, and worship. Spread the word and let’s be encouraged with all God is doing across America.

Each Christ-follower should have an interest

Each Christ-follower should have an interest in what God is doing across our nation and beyond. As we pray together daily for revival personally, revival in the church, and spiritual awakening in the nation, we will have a growing anticipation of God’s working in our nation and beyond. Yes, remember, I personally believe all of that is imperative for us to see the Great Commission escalated to its rightful priority and accelerated to its completion in our generation. To this end I pray, fast, and expect God to work among us. Join me.

For those in Northwest Arkansas, I am speaking at the Bentonville Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast on May 1

If you are not planning to be a part of your city’s prayer activities, join me in Bentonville as I speak at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. It begins at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 1. I was so excited to be asked to participate in this gathering that I changed my plans, returning from Washington D. C. one day early. Therefore, if you have not planned to go anywhere, join me. You can purchase tickets here or contact the Bentonville Mayor’s office.

The main thing is to participate somewhere in the National Day of Prayer. Never has the need been greater. The answer is prayer. In reality, extraordinary prayer!

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd

Pastors Praying With Other Pastors

PrayingPastors1There is nothing like seeing pastors praying with other pastors. I just returned from Little Rock, Arkansas, where I led a prayer gathering for 304 Arkansas pastors, church staff members, and ministry leaders. In light of this, I am reminded again of the value of praying with other pastors.

Prayer between pastors is needed

Every Christian needs someone to pray with from time to time. This experience is valuable, especially if you pray with someone who takes prayer seriously. Pastors have a unique need to pray with other pastors.

We need prayer. We believe in prayer. We need people to pray for us and with us.

Prayer binds pastors with other pastors

No one understands pastors like another pastor. The size of a church is really not a big deal to a pastor who walks before God humbly. Whether we preach to 25, 2,500, or 25,000 people a week, we all face challenges, criticism, and discouragement.

Prayer with another pastor binds us together. I have seen hundreds of pastors praying with other pastors, and I promise you, they form a strong bond between them.

Prayer with another pastor creates vision

When a man of God prays for me, my vision is enlarged. Why? Because pastors impart vision through their prayer. They help us to believe again that God can do anything, any time, anywhere.

Personally, I love to pray with and for other pastors. When I have the opportunity, I do my best to pray for their vision. Pastors get discouraged. Nothing moves a pastor out of discouragement more quickly than visionary, believing prayer.

Prayer with another pastor will empower your ministry

The Holy Spirit uses prayer with another pastor to empower our ministry. Rarely do pastors ask other pastors to pray with them. There is something about pastors that we try to make it alone for as long as possible. Yet, this is not God’s desire for any of us.

Be willing to acknowledge your need for other pastors to pray for you. Do not be ashamed, but embrace the power of prayer by asking other pastors to pray for you.

I am a big believer in men of God praying for other men of God. I need it. You need it. We need it. Why? It will empower your ministry like nothing else!

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd