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Let Me Introduce You to

Thanks for taking the time to visit our re-created site called Our team has done an excellent job working towards this release today. We have listened to the needs and desires of others, resulting in the re-creation of our site.

Articles Released Daily
One of the features of our site is that I will be posting an article almost every day of the week. These blogs or articles will have purpose and meaning, not simply words about little to nothing. They will be directly from me.

What I See Now
While strategies can change in order to help us accomplish our purpose of preparing leaders for life, ministry, and Gospel advancement globally, here is our beginning schedule:

       Monday: General Subjects

       Tuesday: Where The Bible Meets Your Life

       Wednesday: Pastors and Church Leaders

       Thursday: What God is Doing in and Through Cross Church

       Friday: Variety, Guest Writers, or possibly nothing on this day

While each day may have a focus in mind, in reality, I believe regardless of your vocation or state in life, your life can be enriched. If you want us to email the daily article to you directly, please click here. One other thing, we need your help. Share our writings with others daily.

Grow Personally and as a Leader
Whether through our weekday articles, or weekly sermons released via video or podcast, you can grow personally and as a leader. Much of what we have recently developed will be archived on this site as we are continually updating the contents of the site. Perhaps one day, everything we have developed, will be available from this site.

Through our site you will also have access to the incredible professional resource of our weekly Northwest Arkansas Business Persons Summit lessons. At times, I speak at The Summit. However, most of the time we have major national leaders invest in hundreds of business leaders through a luncheon format I have now hosted for over a decade. We want to help you grow personally and as a leader.

User Friendly and Functional
We have worked hard to make user friendly and functional. Our desire is to serve you. We have a passion to influence and invest in others to win the world to Christ. As we invest in you, please pray for us.

A Final Personal Word
It was a springtime day in 1975 in Texas. I was in the second semester of my freshman year in college. I wanted God to speak to me about my life, giving me direction for the future. I knew God had called me to ministry so my prayer that day was about my upcoming summer. In those moments of prayer and in the Word of God, the Lord gave me verses that I have built my life upon.

My Life Verses
Just as the spring air was alive and well, the winds of the Spirit blew my way that day. Not only did God give to me that day, words for my summer, but words for my life and future

From my Red King James Bible, I share these words with you today. These are my life verses.

“For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another.” Psalm 75:6–7 (KJV)