This Week at Cross Church | 3 Circles Last Sunday, Preaching This Sunday, and New Series Begins September 7

3Circles-twaccThis past Sunday, I shared with you about 3 Circles. If you missed it, please take the time to watch it now. Let me share three important actions each of us can take in using 3 Circles:

  • Pray and use 3 Circles within the next few days; turn life conversations into conversations about Christ. You can do it!
  • If you have a smart phone, download the app:
  • If you can read, you can lead! Get copies of the 3 Circles booklet at the Information Desk on your campus and just read line by line. God can use you to lead others to Christ.

Then, give any testimony, from witnessing to winning others, by using the social media hashtag: #3Circles

Preaching This Sunday

I will be preaching this Sunday morning and look forward to sharing God’s Word with you. On each campus, our pastors will share what the Lord has placed upon their heart. Please be faithful on this Labor Day weekend. It is time to engage in church again regularly and consistently.

ChangeSeries-twaccNew Series Begins on September 7

Our new series that begins on September 7 is called, “CHANGE”. We believe God will use these weeks powerfully! As we celebrate a growing culture of life change, we believe God is leading us in this series.

During this series, we are choosing a biblical character that illustrates how God used challenges to bring change in their lives. Here are the message titles:

  • Change Through Calling
  • Change Through Problems
  • Change Through Understanding
  • Change Through Prayer
  • Change Through Failure
  • Change Through Obedience
  • Change Through Faith

I know this series will encourage you greatly.

JoinMovement-twacc1A few final words

Thank you, Cross Church, for all you are doing for the gospel. Please insure you JOIN THE MOVEMENT of prayer with us and thousands of Southern Baptists across the world.

Pray for me. September, October, and November will be a full schedule, filled with plentiful opportunities. God is moving. We are joining Him in what He is doing. I need your prayer support now more than ever before. I love you, Cross Church.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd