This Week at Cross Church | Thank You Cross Church

Thank you, Cross Church, for all you do for the Kingdom of God. You are literally in all kinds of places across our region, our nation, and our world.

You are an amazing church.

BlessingBaskets-rounded1Volunteers, Thank You

This past weekend shows the heart of our church. Our Blessing Basket Ministry operated in cold and miserable weather both days, and stepped up to the challenge in a powerful way. Our volunteers led the way. Thank you for all you did to make a difference through this ministry. Whether you served, prayed, gave, or all three, thank you.

Staff Family, Thank You

Staff1Our Staff Family is so blessed with a sweet fellowship and a strong resolve to serve the Lord and the people called Cross Church. Our Staff Family is resolved to finish the task of reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ. We have all kinds of people that function in all kinds of ways, all for the purpose of bringing God glory and fulfilling our missional vision. Staff Family, thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God.

Jeana-rounded1Jeana, Thank You

My wife is an amazing Pastor’s wife. For twenty-seven years, she has served this fellowship faithfully and joyfully. For all of these years, she has attended our worship services, engaged in small groups, and even led a weekly ladies group in our neighborhood this past fall. Additionally, she has distinguished herself among all Pastor’s wives by pouring her life into the staff wives of our church. She will do anything for them. Yes, Cross Church, you have a special Pastor’s wife. Jeana, I love you and thank you for all you do not only for me, but for Cross Church.

In advance, Thank You

MiracleContinues-rounded1Cross Church Family, I know you will step up financially during this season. You will be the kind of people to insure you honor God by giving Him at least one-tenth of all He has given to you in the year of 2013. In advance, thank you. I know you will also honor God by fulfilling your commitments you have made to this ministry. As well, I know you will honor God with a special gift to International Missions through our Lottie Mood Christmas Offering. In advance, thank you.

Cross Church, I Love You and Thank You

I am so very grateful to serve as Pastor of this fellowship. What a joy it is to me personally. Thank you for hanging with us through the greatest of times and even through a few times of challenge. What a great church you are and I thank you for letting me live life with you.

1,000 Thank Yous!

Ronnie W. Floyd

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  1. Julio Arriola says:

    And we are grateful to God for letting us have an amazing Senior Pastor! Thank you for being an example on how to be a faithful man of God.

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