EP 40: Life and Leadership Today with Guest, Dr. Edward Upton

Ed Upton-podcast

Would you like to see your organization grow to a new level? Are you raising up your own talent from within your organization? Are you building a culture that multiplies leaders and increases influence? On today’s podcast, we are discussing:

  • Raising your own talent from within
  • Why having your own “farm team” can benefit the individual and the organization
  • Why personality profiles are important
  • Understanding the heart of the leader and the vision of the organization
  • Getting talent in the right position
  • How culture can multiply leaders and increase influence

Today, we will be discussing how we are doing these things right now in our organization. Whether you are in business, sports, media, education, or ministry, you will be challenged and can join us in this journey to develop new leaders.  Dr. Ed Upton, President of the Cross Church School of Ministry, will share our story of developing and equipping new leaders through our organization. Join us in this practical and helpful conversation.