EP 31: Life and Leadership Today: Understanding and Relating to College Students with Guests, Nick Floyd and Brian Mills

College PodcastToday, we talk with Nick Floyd and Brian Mills about understanding and relating to college students. There are approximately 22 million college students in the United States, making them a significant demographic. Nick Floyd is Lead Teaching Pastor and Staff Leader for Cross Church Northwest Arkansas.  Brian Mills, after 15 years leading large student ministries, currently leads the College Ministry at Cross Church Fayetteville. These men are making a difference in the lives of college students in Northwest Arkansas. As a leader in business or ministry, the topics we discuss will help you understand and relate to today’s college students:

  • What attracts college students
  • Speaking their language
  • How they can become Kingdom Influencers
  • College athletes and the pressure they face
  • Walking through challenges with college students
  • Why businesses should embrace recent college graduates
  • Why college students should embrace older generations
  • How multi-generational churches can reach college students

… and more. Don’t miss this encouraging conversation about today’s college students.