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Did God Really Say He Created Us in the Image of God?

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This Sunday we continue our Did God Really Say series with, Did God Really Say He Created Us In the Image of God? This series on the book of Genesis will cover our summer here at Cross Church. Our text this week is Genesis 1:26 – Genesis 2:25. Read it sometime Saturday or early Sunday morning to prepare your heart for the preaching of the Word. This is a tremendous time for us to learn the Bible together, engage other people in this grand book, and see lives impacted and changed. If you missed last week, you can watch it here. Invite someone to join you in worship this Sunday.

First Things First

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First Things First is our theme at Cross Church this summer. What does this mean for your life and our church? How does this play out before us?

First Things First means:

  1. Jesus first in your life this summer, which is a call to experience personal fellowship with God daily.
  2. Jesus first each Sunday this summer, which is a call to experience God together through His Church weekly.
  3. Jesus first financially this summer, which is a call to experience obedience to God by giving to your church weekly at least the first tenth of all God has given to you, regardless of where you are each Sunday.

Experience First Things First this summer daily.

This Powerful Story Will Encourage You 

Greg-twaccThe newest episode of Life and Leadership Today released on Tuesday with our guest, Greg Laurie. Greg is a dear and faithful brother in Christ, and I know you will want to hear his personal story and observations. You can listen here. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast so each episode will be delivered to you automatically.

Pray Continually

This summer, wherever you may be located, pray for our church. Pray for our three major camps this summer for children and students, where no less than 1,000 will attend. Pray for our worship services weekly. Pray for our Ministry Team members. Pray for me. Yes, let’s pray for one another continually.

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd