This Week at Cross Church | You and…

You and Our New Ministry Budget 

October 1 began our new Ministry Budget at Cross Church. What is your relationship to our new Ministry Budget? God calls us to honor Him weekly with the first tenth and more of all He has entrusted to us in life. The local church is where we give these resources together, one member at a time, regardless of personal economics, giving from what God has given to us so we fulfill the mission of Jesus together through Cross Church: Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world for Jesus Christ. Through this Ministry Budget and with the resources it receives from our people honoring God, together we accomplish this mission. Thank you for joining us in faithfulness.

You and Our Worship on Sundays


Prioritizing Sundays in your schedule is absolutely important. We would never imagine being late for a Razorback kickoff, so by no means should we show up at church a few minutes late. Prioritizing Sunday morning worship, even after a late Razorback football game, calls us to being present with a 100% commitment to worship Jesus with all we have and with all we are. Just remember folks: Satan will give you 100 different reasons why you should miss church on Sundays. God gives you one why you should be there: Offer God your life and extend to Him all the glory as you begin the new week. Will I see you on Sunday? I sure hope so.

You and Our Small Group Ministry

Small Group-twacc

Are you connected to a Small Group in Cross Church? If not, why not? The Small Group Ministry is the place where you connect with people like yourself, fellowshipping together around the study of the Bible. Our desire is always to have groups where the Bible meets your life. Connect with a Small Group weekly. If you are struggling to find the right one, visit one of our Welcome Areas on Sundays. They will assist you or connect you with a member of our staff team who will help you navigate this task. Sooner or later, you will land with the people who will become your friends and perhaps become like your family.

You and Our Relationship with Each Other


Soon, I will have served as your Senior Pastor for 30 years. This past Monday, I released an article on this subject entitled “30 Lessons I Have Learned in Leadership Through Leading the Same Organization for 30 Years.” Last Thursday, I spoke on this very subject at The Summit. You can watch it here. I have grown in so many ways as your pastor over the last 30 years. I am still growing. Thank you for investing in me for the past 30 years. I love you.

See You Sunday!

Ronnie W. Floyd