This Week at Cross Church | 40 Days of Faith Begins

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Yesterday, our daily devotionals began for 40 Days of Faith. Please text “webelieve” to 313131 to receive your daily devotional. Additionally, you can pick it up in printed form on Sunday. The devotional is brief, encouraging, and challenging.

WE BELIEVE Sermon Series Begins Sunday

For the next six weeks, we will be preaching on WE BELIEVE: 40 Days of Faith. Built off of Hebrews 11, the sermon series will be the key part of our 40 Days of Faith. These next six weeks will be a fantastic time to engage new friends in the fellowship of Cross Church. Without faith, it is impossible to please God!

Mark the Date: October 23, A Day of Influence

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Our emphasis on October 23 is A Day of Influence in all areas of our ministry on each of our campuses. This is a day where you influence the members of your small group ministry to be in church on this day. This is a day where you influence the members of our music and worship ministries to be in church on this Sunday. This a day where you bring people you have influence over in your life and those who have influenced your life. This is the day where each campus stands up with great influence for the glory of God in Northwest Arkansas.  Mark your calendar for October 23. Make Sunday a priority.

New Ministry Budget Begins Sunday

Our 2016-2017 Ministry Budget begins this Sunday. Our budget goal this year is $18.8 million. This week, we celebrate the meeting of the 2015-2016 Ministry Budget. Our goal was: $18.1 million. Our Ministry Budget income this past 52 weeks was $20.8 million. We give God praise for blessing our people financially and we give God praise and a huge thank you to each of you for giving through the priority of our Ministry Budget, both regularly and faithfully.

As we begin our new Ministry Budget this week, for over two and one-half decades this Sunday has been called Prove the Tithe Day. This is a day where we ask each member and regular attender to honor God with at least one tenth of your entire weekly income. Annually, during this time, Jeana and I have increased our commitment to giving beyond the tithe or first tenth of our income. Join us by giving more beginning in October. Let’s start well and be faithful, and one year from now, we will celebrate how God has used each of us to further the gospel of Jesus here in Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world.

It’s All About Our Missional Vision   

Everything we do is all about our missional vision: Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world for Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by going, baptizing, and teaching. This is what Jesus called making disciples. When we are faithful to do these things, we will be an evangelistic, Jesus-centered church.

See You Sunday!

Ronnie W. Floyd