Why Every Church Should Have a Special Focus on Evangelism

RF-BlogWe are living in an unprecedented time in America and our world today. ISIS and Boko Haram are running rampant. Unborn children are slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs. We are told a person’s gender is fluid, not something created by a holy God. Religious freedom is being challenged daily. What is the answer, and what do we do about it?

In our world of 7.28 billion people, an estimated 3 billion people are regarded as unreached and unengaged with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This means that to our knowledge, the gospel has never been known to these people. Here at home, of the 322 million Americans, it is believed that three of four do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.[1]

America and the world are acting just like they are supposed to: spiritually lost and in deep need of Jesus Christ.

God is Working

We know that regardless of the situation of our world today, God is working. We also know that God is committed to redeeming the world. It is incumbent upon us to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, beginning in our own town or city, region, state, and nation.

Many Christians and churches believe we are in great need of the next Great Spiritual Awakening in our nation and world. However, many churches do not make evangelism a priority. Or they focus so heavily on special mission trips both foreign and domestic, the local mission field of their own town or city, region, and state is neglected. Jesus challenged and commanded us to share the Gospel with everyone, not only in foreign countries, but as we go about our daily lives. Sadly, this is not a priority for many Christians.

Consider What Could Happen

What would happen if our churches spent an entire month or more focused on evangelism? Take a moment to consider what could happen not only in your church, but in your town or city, region, state, and even the world, if our churches and people spent a month focused on evangelism. Not just hearing from our pastors in the pulpit, but also in our small groups, learning to put feet to their faith.

This is not something that can be done by just the pastors in our churches. Certainly, our pastors must lead from the pulpit but also with their daily actions. Our people must be engaged in learning how to share their faith, equipped, and be challenged to do so not only on special mission trips, but as they go about their daily lives right in our own town or city, region, and state.

One way to engage in a church-wide emphasis is to build on resources already in place. Bible Studies for Life has an evangelism focus for small groups ready for us to utilize this fall. We can take these thirteen weeks of material for small groups and expand it to the entire church with the sermon outlines also available. We do not have to do it alone.

Whatever you do, do not neglect the lost and dying world we live in. Make it a priority of your church and your people to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd

[1] https://blog.ronniefloyd.com/9951/southern-baptist-convention/why-we-are-where-we-are-in-america-and-the-world/