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The Four-Hour Rescue Operation of a Newborn Should Remind Us Life is Precious

Two rescue workers are kneeling inside a freshly-dug hole several feet deep into the ground.

Their shirts are soaked in sweat under the blazing sun. They are searching for something in the drainage pipe beneath them, which they had to break open with a chisel and hammer. All around them, you can hear a gaggle of excited voices, shouting orders here and there: stand clear!rope out! … are you ready?

And then you hear it: barely perceptible at first but the sound is unmistakable — a baby’s cries emerge out of the depths of the ground. Seconds later, one of the rescue workers draws out of the drainage a newborn baby girl and places her gently on a white blanket, as the crowd erupts in cheers.

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This Week at Cross Church | NWA Men’s Conference is This Sunday

NWA Men’s Conference This Sunday Night at the Fayetteville Campus

This Sunday evening is the NWA Men’s Conference from 5:30-8:30 p.m. We will meet at our new Cross Church Fayetteville campus. Please register yourself and your friends here now. If space is available, registration will be allowed at the door, but it is not guaranteed, so I encourage you to sign up now. We will hear Dr. Kie Bowman of Austin, Texas, and Dr. Jarrett Stephens of Dallas, Texas. These are great preachers of God’s Word.

As a bonus, Dr. Jarrett Stephens will be speaking at our Fayetteville campus and Dr. Kie Bowman will speak at our Springdale and Pinnacle Hills campuses on Sunday morning. Our Neosho campus will be hearing from Campus Pastor Chris Deitsch. Nick and I will be here and look with anticipation toward hearing our friends, Jarrett and Kie, in Sunday morning worship services and our Sunday evening men’s conference.

Entering the 150th Year of Cross Church

This past Tuesday, February 19, we formally entered our 150th year at Cross Church. Over the next few months, we will set a date in 2020 to celebrate our 150th anniversary as a church. If you missed our videos about this, take the time to check them out. One is just over three minutes long, and the other, made for Instagram, is under one minute. Watch and share them with others.

Mark Your Calendar Now for These Important Dates

Everyone likes to make sure they do not miss important dates. Please mark these dates between now and the end of summer at Cross Church.

  • April 7: Kids Day at Cross Church
  • April 14: Widow’s Banquet
  • April 20-21: Easter Weekend
  • May 12: Mother’s Day & Parent/Child Dedication
  • June 10-13: Kids Camp Siloam
  • June 23-28: High School Camp at Glorieta
  • June 30: Summer Freedom Sunday, morning services
  • June 30: Baptism & Fireworks at the Crosses, evening
  • July 8-11: Vacation Bible School
  • July 16-19: Middle School Camp at Sky Ranch
  • August 18: Back-to-School Sunday

These important dates will be here before we know it, so put these events on your calendar now and plan to join us.

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd