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This Week at Cross Church | New Series Begins Sunday

Jesus Number One

Jesus #1-twacc

This Sunday, our 4-week series from Colossians will begin: JESUS NUMBER ONE. In these four weeks, we will walk through the book of Colossians one chapter at a time. In 2001, I did a long, very strong, expositional series from Colossians. Our teaching team is excited to revisit Colossians over the next four weeks to remind us of the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Number One. Do not miss it, and please bring a friend to join you.

Growth Track Begins

Growth Track-twacc

Over the past four weeks in our twelve Sunday worship services, we have taught you what will comprise our Growth Track. These four weeks have focused on our team colors, our core four, our values, our deep beliefs we are willing to die for:

  • People Need Jesus
  • People Need Each Other
  • People Change the World
  • People Leave Legacies

You can find all of these messages and more here. Imagine this: anyone in the future who has an interest in our church and wants to learn what membership looks like, wants to know what God’s future for their life may be, or is seeking a relationship with God, the Growth Track will point them toward their next step. This track for discipleship will be important for each of us to follow. It begins this Sunday on each campus, and will be continuous.

Vision 2020 is Progressing

Vision 2020-twacc

God is at work, and already moving us progressively toward one of our major Vision 2020 goals. You can learn more about it here. Let’s pray and act upon this enormous legacy to leave the next generation.

2017-2018 Ministry Budget Began This Past Sunday

Our 2017-2018 Ministry Budget began this past Sunday, October 1. The only way to reach this budget goal for our church is for each of us to reach God’s desire for us weekly: Honoring Jesus by giving Him the first tenth of all He has given to us in resources. First tenth giving is the floor of all giving and positions us to be able to enter into generosity and ultimately, legacy giving. Therefore, if each of us honor Jesus weekly as we should, our church will receive more than the Ministry Budget goal of $20 million for this fiscal year. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Consider Joining Our Cross Church Circle


The Cross Church Circle is our ongoing intercessory prayer ministry for our church. We have over 3,000 people who have committed to pray in agreement for our church for thirty minutes each week using a prayer guide I personally share each month. Sunday is my personal time to use this guide specifically, even though I do return to it throughout the week. If you would like to join this intercessory prayer ministry, go here. It is my vision that we have at least a couple thousand more people engage with us weekly. It will advance your prayer life and love for our church. We have seen the hand of God answer prayer.

The Power of Prayer

Please take a couple of minutes to read the article I released on Monday on the power of prayer. In this article is a link to a powerful video from Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana, and testimony he gave to Congress. Congressman Scalise was one of the people shot a few months ago in a park while preparing for a baseball game. His words are so very powerful.

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd

How Insecurity Hurts the Pastor and the Church


INSECURITY is a major factor that prevents pastors and churches from being focused on their mission. It eliminates opportunities for evangelism, planting churches, ministry expansion, and making disciples because it creates conflict in the Church. I have even seen insecurity ruin ministries.

3 Ways Insecurity Reveals Itself in Pastors and Churches

1. Competitiveness

One of the biggest problems insecurity carries with it is overt competition. Churches try to out-do one another. Pastors find themselves competing with other pastors. This competitiveness occurs because of insecurity and further results in jealousy and a critical spirit.

2. Combativeness

When a pastor has an incessant need to have their way all the time, it can ruin their ministry and pollute their church.  God has not called ministers to always be right, but to be godly. I am convinced we can do the right thing in the wrong way. We need to operate in the stream of the Spirit of Christ at all times.

3. Complaining

Some of the whiniest people I know are ministers. It also happens that pastors are some of the most insecure people I know. The two often go together. Complaining is a serious obstacle for many ministers of the Gospel. How can we expect others to be attracted to our message and our leadership if we are complainers? This does not magnetize people to the message, but distracts them from the message.

Keep This in Mind

Please keep in mind that as a follower of Jesus Christ, the only competition you really have is with the world, the flesh, and Satan. Other pastors and churches are not your competition.

Do not let a word, a sentence, or a spirit take away from your main message. Walk in humility. The best idea in the room may not be your own. Receive others and reject combativeness.

If God has really called you into ministry, live like it. When you always return to your call from God, you eliminate complaining in your life and leadership.

Insecure Churches Are Ineffective Churches  

Competitiveness, combativeness, and complaining do not have a place in your life or in Jesus’ Church. When these rule the Church, health and growth cannot occur.  Insecure churches are ineffective churches. Therefore, set aside the competitiveness, combativeness, and complaining, and focus on taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and making disciples of all nations.

Do not forget: The Lord is with you.

Now is the Time to Lead and Pray,

Ronnie W. Floyd