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This Week at Cross Church | Sharing Christ, “I’ll Be 1” Sunday, and New Ministry Budget

Today, I write to you from Dallas, Texas, where I will be preaching at Criswell College. Today is Founder’s Day as well as the inauguration of their new President, Dr. Barry Creamer. I do hope you will pray for us today.

PastorNYC-twaccEarlier this week, I preached at the Baptist Convention of New York. I am so thankful for our brothers and sisters who are serving in this great state, committing their lives and ministries to reaching New York with the gospel. I am also grateful to have seen our own Drew Griffin, who is preparing to launch Cross Church NYC. Pray for our work in New York. Oh, how this state needs Christ.

HOLYLAND-SCHEDULEOur Holy Land trip is happening, so join us!

Groups are going to Israel right now. Within the past few days, I visited with a pastor who has just returned with his church. He said the trip was phenomenal as always, and safe everywhere they went.

I want to encourage you to join us on this 2015 trip. We are scheduled to leave on Tuesday, March 10, and return on Thursday, March 19, 2015. You can find out the specifics about our trip here. Sign up today, and please know safety is always a top priority before, during, and after our trip.

Engage24-twaccShare Christ on Tuesday, October 14

Cross Church is working hard to challenge all of our people to share Christ with someone on Tuesday, October 14. Additionally, various ministries will be having evangelistic events on this day. We are simply focusing on one day, October 14, to be a day when we try to share Christ with someone. Let’s share, pray, and expect God to change many lives.

IllBe1-twacc“I’ll Be 1” Sunday is on October 26

Make a strong and firm commitment now to be in Bible Study and Worship on Sunday, October 26. We are asking God’s people to come together at one place, at one time, on one day, to bring glory to God together. If you haven’t attended in a while, take this opportunity to reconnect. Invite guests and let’s make this day really special at Cross Church.

New budget begins this Sunday

This past Sunday night, our church approved our new Ministry Budget of $17,800,000. We can do this IF each of us:

  • Give regularly
  • Give via technology, especially automated giving
  • Grow in our giving

At this time every year, Jeana and I deepen our commitment to giving. The new budget always calls us up and we gladly embrace the challenge. So please join us weekly. Begin this Sunday by honoring God with at least one-tenth of all God has entrusted to you.

For those who give monthly or quarterly, please join us in this first month and quarter to make a significant contribution to the Ministry Budget. We must be stronger than ever in this first quarter!

Thanks to each of you for all you are doing.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd

Pastors, Deepen Your Walk and God Will Broaden Your Influence

A photo of a man walking in the cityEvery pastor wants to make a significant impact with his life and through his ministry. This passion and vision is true regardless of the size of the ministry you lead today.

When I was younger, I wanted to make a difference in a major way. I still do today. When I was in a smaller church, I wanted to have an impactful ministry. I still do today.

What is the secret?

Deepen Your Walk

Pastor, if you want to have a broad influence in your life and ministry, it all begins by deepening your walk with God daily. I am firmly convinced that God’s pathway to impact begins with a growing depth in your personal walk with God. There are no shortcuts!

The Bible reminds us in James 4:10,

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

Additionally, we read in Psalm 75:6-7,

For promotion does not come from the east, west, nor south; God is the judge. He puts down one and sets up another.

While there is a factor that God alone determines, the value of our unqualified pursuit of the Lord Himself is undeniable. And while we cannot control what God may choose to do with us sovereignly, we can pursue our relationship and fellowship with Him personally.

Therefore, how can a pastor deepen his walk with God?

  1. Be consistent in a daily time with God, filling your mind with God’s Word, growing in your personal prayer life, and pursuing His face relentlessly.
  2. Pursue holiness, putting aside thoughts, choices, and habits that distract you from Christ rather than lead you to Him. Again, pursue His face relentlessly.
  3. Trust the Lord alone for your future. He knows what is best for you, even when you do not. Refuse any human manipulation or politics to gain a position or increase your influence.

Therefore, as you prioritize deepening your walk with God, trust the Lord with everything else.

Broadening Your Influence

Broadening your influence is not up to you, your friends, or even your denomination. It is in the hands of God. Why?

For years, I have observed men attempt to manipulate their future in all kinds of ways. There was a day I tried to do the same. But as God has constantly moved upon me, leading me into moments of brokenness, I have learned that God alone is the one who broadens our influence.

I often tell pastors these words: If you want a broader influence in ministry, it all begins with deepening your walk with God daily.

Your motives determine your future, not just your vision. Your prayer life determines your future even more than your vision. Your prayer life will never surpass your commitment to daily deposit the Word of God into your life.

Pastor, when your daily walk with God results in a hot heart for God, then your ego is under the Lordship of Christ. When the Holy Spirit is developing your giftedness through quality ministry experience, then God may be preparing you for more in your future. All of these things together will result in God broadening your influence.

In His way and in His time, He may choose to do it for His glory.

A Final Reminder

God determines your geography, not you. Release your future to God by dying to your desires geographically.

God determines your influence, not you. Surrender your life daily to His Lordship, being content wherever you are and with whatever God has you doing in your life right now.

God determines your future, not you. When you committed your life to Jesus Christ, you died to your own desires. When you surrendered your life to God’s calling in ministry, you declared your future was completely the Lord’s, not yours.

He alone determines whether you are in Abilene or Africa, North America or South America, or ministering nationally or internationally.

Let it go. He has you in the palm of His hand. There is no safer place to be.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd