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When Leadership Rises

RWF-General-James-F.-Amos-USMC.jpgAs I look out the window in our family room this afternoon with snow covering the ground and the Super Bowl as my backdrop, I want to talk about, “When Leadership Rises.”

I love to talk and write about leadership. Today is no different.

When Leadership Rises, Teams Play at a Championship Level

The 2014 Super Bowl exudes outstanding leadership. Both coaches, John Fox and Pete Carroll, are phenomenal, proven leaders. Both quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson, are true leaders of men. The offense of the Denver Broncos and the defense of the Seattle Seahawks are both leaders in the National Football League. Whether it be the powerful defensive back, Richard Sherman of the Seahawks, or the phenomenal running back, Knowshon Moreno of the Broncos, leadership is all over this game.

In your family, business, church, or community, when leadership rises, your team will play at a championship level. Learn leadership. Grow in leadership. Rise up and lead. Lead your team to play at a championship level.

When Leadership Rises, Others Are Inspired

On Saturday night, I watched The National Football League Honors program. This program on the Fox Network served as a major feel-good, inspirational program. From honoring things like the play of the year, coach of the year, offensive and defensive players of the year, and formally introducing the 2014 Class of the NFL Hall of Fame, these leaders inspired all of us. These two hours were full of entertainment, laughter, and tears. We call that inspiration.

In your family, business, church, or community, when leadership rises, others are inspired. Others are inspired to achieve more than they could achieve on their own. Others are inspired to rise up and climb mountains they would have never climbed on their own. Therefore, let your leadership rise up and inspire others to greatness.

When Leadership Rises, Memories Are Made

However the 2014 Super Bowl ends, memories will be made. In fact, each game that led to these two teams meeting in the Super Bowl is marked by memorable moments. Radical football fans like myself remember plays that catapulted both teams to this global stage called the Super Bowl.

The evening will be etched into our memories by plays and outcomes. In fact, even $4 million, 30-second television advertisements will be remembered. Why? Because when leadership rises, memories are made.

In your family, business, church, or community, when leadership rises, memories are made. In our family, pictures mark our memories. In business, great reports can mark our memories. In church, changed lives and great stories etch God’s work into our memories. In our communities, parks, museums, and ball fields are marks of memories.

It is important to remember that memories are made when leadership rises. Last Thursday, we had the distinct honor to host the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. General James F. Amos, America’s #1 Marine, exuded leadership. His personal aura, his love for all people, and his distinct leadership brought honor to his fellow Marines and to our great nation. Without question, Thursday, January 30, will go down as one of the greatest leadership moments of my life.


Rise up and lead. When you do…

  • Teams will play at championship level
  • Others are inspired
  • Memories are made

Whether you are a dad, a leader in the workplace, a pastor of a church…rise up and lead. When you do, everyone around you will be influenced positively.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd