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Let’s Talk Football

football_620x350_thumb.jpgThis past weekend of college football was terrific. One of the greatest weekends of football I can remember. Most of the rivalry games were close and very exciting.

As many of you know

As many of you know, I wanted to be a football coach; in fact, I planned to be a college football coach before I went to coach the Dallas Cowboys. Then, God called me into ministry and absolutely changed my direction in life. Even my eight-year-old grandson, Peyton, asked me Saturday night, “Poppy, are you going to be a football coach when you finish preaching?” I informed him, “No Peyton, God wants me to preach the Gospel to see people saved, not coach football, even though I would enjoy it.”

Through the years with football coaches

This passion for the game of football has usually resulted in having strong relationships with football coaches. I have known coaches at every level, from high school, to college, to the pros. Periodically, we touch base, and through the years I have been privileged to pray for many of them, counsel them about their future, and coach them in balancing their lives.

There are so many likenesses in coaching football and pastoring a local church. Each of these roles involves leadership and teamwork. This has always resulted in some great and deep conversations. I have talked with football coaches on the highest of highs and have been there as they have wept in my home, trying to navigate through the next move in life. I have been with them once they have been hired and when they have been fired. It is a tough business, not only in the pros and collegiate realms, but even at the high school level. As the expectations of people escalate, the pressure continues to rise.

What a game

Auburn-vs.-Alabama-field-post-game_thumb.jpgHow in the world can you describe the incredible game this past weekend between Auburn and Alabama? Neither team deserved to lose. Great coaching, incredible teams, dynamic fans, and miraculous plays were all personified. What a finish!

Even the legendary and fabulous Head Coach, Nick Saban, was stunned by the last play of the game. Just as surprised, was personal friend and Auburn Head Coach, Gus Malzahn. It was an amazing experience; one of those fun times God affords us to enjoy this side of heaven.

One final word about our weekend

Pastor with Grandkids, 11-2013Josh, Kate, Nick, and Meredith had the opportunity to attend this incredible game at Auburn University. They experienced it all and loved it. It was special for all of them. Jeana and I had the privilege and responsibility for all six of our grandchildren, and yes, all at one time! I told them that was tougher than taking on Alabama! It was challenging, but fun. They never stopped… talking, running, challenging one another, laughing, and eating. In reality, we did not have too many crises. Not bad when you have six of them, ages one to eight, huh?

So our weekend was fun and full! I hope yours was a blessing. Until tomorrow….

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd