EP 39: Life and Leadership Today with Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie Floyd NEW-podcastAs we approach the new year, we often think about new goals to accomplish. Most of the time, our goals are focused on work or family, but we each need to have personal goals. Today we discuss how to address clutter in our schedule and life. With a plan of attack, you can become a better leader. Today we cover:

  • Is your life cluttered like the garage or attic?
  • How cleaning up your schedule and cleaning the garage are similar
  • What goals have you set for yourself, and what keeps you from reaching them?
  • Bigger is not always better, and more is not a sign of success
  • How do you handle the disorder in your life?
  • How problems are like frogs
  • How simplifying your life can make you a more effective leader

… and more. Do not miss this personal development for leaders.